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It is impressed in the body

After a long hiatus due to the covid-19 pandemic, Berlin Atonal has opened the gates of Kraftwerk to the public for the first time. As limitations to collective events endure, the new project Metabolic Rift includes, in addition to the live performances, an exhibition aiming to elicit individual experience with intense stimuli. The exposition presents a convincing curatorial approach to sound, exalting its sensorial qualities and proposing an inspiring model to work with the aural and its (im-)materiality in the context of art exhibitions.

  • Giada Dalla Bontà
11. december 2021

More than a year and a half passed before the concrete rooms of Kraftwerk, home of the first nightclub in East Berlin, could resonate again. The brutalist building in Köpenicker Straße opened at the end of September to host Metabolic Rift, a new project of the legendary festival Berlin Atonal that will run throughout the month of October. Besides a concert series, Metabolic Rift includes an exhibition in the main hall and in previously unused spaces, aiming to convey a »feeling of overload, of intense and transformative musical and artistic experiences«.

The title refers to the Marxist notion of rift between industrial society and nature, and to the flows of energies and materials that humans regulate between the two. The formerly most important powerplant of East Germany becomes not only an architectural manifestation of this relationship but also the infrastructure of a metabolism in itself, composed of chain reactions and intercommunicating vessels.